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Worry Stone ( Larvikite)

Worry Stone ( Larvikite)

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Worry Stones are used to calm the mind and ease anxiety. To use, hold the stone between your index or middle finger and thumb. Gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone while in your pocket or simply while just holding as you’re sitting, working or walking during anytime you are feeling stressed.

Larvikite is considered a protective stone. Wearing it as an amulet is said to ward off negative energies. Its relationship with the root chakra and its intense connection with nature means larvikite helps ground the body. This stone is believed to elicit inner visions and increase psychic capabilities. Larvikite may teach patience and brings about new possibilities.

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Chakra bracelets are believed to be beneficial for your physical,mental,and spiritual. well-being they not only help balance the imbalanced chakras, it also help to open blocked chakras.