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Red Jasper Macrame Necklace

Red Jasper Macrame Necklace

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Our macrame necklace is a customer favorite by far, with these necklaces you can change out your stones to match the mood you’re needing to help elevate your energy for certain occasions.
Our necklace also can be hung in your car or home for energy clearing.

 Red Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer” and it said to help achieve a state of calm and zen. It protects your energy by absorbing all the negativity, so it's a great one to have on hand when going through a hard time.

Note: Necklace length 14-20 inch

Color: Red 


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Chakra bracelets are believed to be beneficial for your physical,mental,and spiritual. well-being they not only help balance the imbalanced chakras, it also help to open blocked chakras.